Jewellery Take Care Tips

Jewellery Take Care Tips


  • Your Silveronaire Jewellery is unique, brilliant and charming, just like YOU! 


To make sure it remains the same way, you need to make sure it has a safe home. All you have to do is simply store these beautiful pieces in a Zip Lock Bag when not being used. Keep them safe and they'll always be by your side.


  • Treat your jewellery with kindness as they can be damaged by excessive force. After all, you wouldn't want your love one to be harsh with you either, right?


  • We all have our home remedies to keep us glowing. Your Silveronaire Jewellery is no different, it loves DIY care too!


All you have to do is dampen a cloth in lukewarm water, add a bit of mild soap and rub your jewellery gently. Rinse with clean water, pat dry with a soft cloth and you're done!

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